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Mr Moto's Digital Screen Network

Melbourne's only digital-out-of-home network
designed exclusively to showcase events

Event exposure in exclusive places

  • Showcase your next event in unique, relevant venues

  • Campaigns are secured week-to-week, using 15 or 30 second content

  • Instantly change your campaign’s messaging when you need to

  • Events reel is limited to 6 minutes, enabling more opportunities to see

  • Use static images, animation and/or 1080p video to excite & inform audiences of your event

Some of our amazing venues include

Venue List & Media Kit

Drop us a line, and we'll send over our current venue list and media kit.

Engage and inform the right people

Tourist Audience

Showcase your event on screens reaching people who are actively seeking out attractions

Singles & Families

Reach socially active individuals, couples & young families with higher disposable incomes

Students & Young Individuals

Utilise screens to engage with this highly social audience in relevant venues

Arts Venues

We're partnered with performing arts venues to engage directly with event-going audiences

  • Understand who your campaign can reach on our network

  • Utilise all screens, or segment your campaign by audience type

  • Display different creative executions for each audience category

  • Venue-supplied audience profiles & patronage data

Digital content creation & artwork reformatting

We’re also here to help with content creation. Mr Moto’s in-house production service deliver bespoke solutions in short turnaround times. We re-format your existing images & videos to create compelling creative executions. Contact us to find out more.

A unique, out-of-home events channel

Position your brand alongside other premium arts and events in a high-frequency loop. Unlike corporate advertising, Mr Moto teases audiences with a range of events to experience. The result - people enjoy watching our screens!